I would like to Thank You for the opportunity to test both the #2 and #6 Baitholder Hooks.  I started my day of fishing in a nearby freshwater pond.  I started with the #2 hook first, using live crickets, caught a bass, and was happy the bass remained on the hook.  Later, I switched poles using the #6 hook.  I was also very pleased with the results.  The barbs on the hooks really worked great, and it was surely a good fishing day.  My only complaint is that I have not been able to find your brand in the stores in this area! Thank you again.

Marty Sevek, Lake Kinkaid, Ilinois – NAFC Member

I tested your J hooks, O’Shaughnessy style. Please find pictures of Dolphin trip with myself & my friends with the catch at Sabastian Inlet, Florida Liked them but did not have enough.

Gary Tyler- Boat Captain / Owner, Melbourne, FL – NAFC Member








Just wanted to say thanks for taking the ball and running with it. By that I mean when all other hook companies that I approached either couldn't or wouldn't make our hook you and your company stepped up to the plate hung in there and figured a way to make a hook that will revolutionize the hook industry. The J style hook has not changed it's basic design since the stone age, only because it was easy to make and lack of ingenuity. You saw what I have and realized it's place in the industry and for that I thank you. With your ability to see a quality product and to be able to produce a quality product you and your company will be a force to be reckoned with.
Thank You
May you continue looking to the FUTURE!
Larry Davidson, “Trapper Hooks” Inventor
President Land Um Tackle Inc, Springfield, MA


Honey Hole Hooks"ADDYA made an impossible hook possible!  Exceptional engineering and problem solving to make a dream hook come to life.  ADDYA takes your idea and guides you through the process of hook manufacturing.  As our "spring hook" becomes more popular throughout the world wide fishing community, we have no doubt that ADDYA will be able to handle the volume and quality that our customers have come to expect."

Blake Muhlenbruck, "Honey Hole Hook" Inventor
President Naked Bait Co Inc. Evans, Colorado More Reviews

ADDYA Outdoors Inc. provided my company Hook, Line and Greetings with superb hand-tied fishing lures for my gift-in-greet fishing cards. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent product.

Denise Creehan, CEO/ Entrepreneur
Hook, Line and Greetings
Panama City Beach, FL

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