Quality & Technology

Quality & Technology

Quality & Technology

ADDYA uses only very high quality high-carbon steel wire manufactured by leading Indian Steel Conglomerates having consistent microstructure and custom made to create optimum elasticity and tensile strength.

Needle Point:   
Produced from Fully Automated Japanese Forming Machines capable of producing over 1000 different styles of hooks and chemically sharpened.

Tri - Cut Point:     
Superior point to withstand rigors of commercial fishing like long lining , big game and deep sea fishing.

Patented Heat Treatment process employed to withstand wear and tear and guarded with superior anti-rust treatments for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Our 15,000 sq ft manufacturing unit near Bombay, India is certified ISO 9001: 2000 by BVQI,UK for quality manufacturing systems.

Finishes available in Nickle, Sea-Tin,Black,Blue,Bronze.Gold, Black Nickle and Red. Custom Finishes Available. .

We can supply all your OEM needs.

Special orders welcome!

Fast delivery for all your OEM needs.

Full selection of salt/fresh water styles.

No waiting months for special orders.

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