What is the difference between the Needle Point versus the Tricut point?

Both points have equal benefits as they are sharp and strong, essentially these are important features professional fishermen look for. For Bass and Live Bait fishing we recommend using the Needle Point as wire diameter is usually thinner, however the Cut Point is better for Tuna or Long line fishing as it withstands the wear and tear of the hook. Both offer same resistance to bending.

When other manufacturers lay claim on the merit of the point it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick having zero value addition to catch rate . Ask yourself, can the fish discriminate between a needle point and a cut point ?

Are ADDYA Hooks Chemically Sharpened?

Addya Hooks undergo a dual sharpening process i.e. machining and chemical treatments that together is termed as Chemical Sharpening. This renders the hooks to be very sharp leading to quicker penetration!

What is the reason behind RED hooks being fairly popular by fisherman?

Most fish are colorblind, despite the opinion of many sport fishermen. Fish can see color shadings, reflected light, shape, and movement, which probably accounts for the acceptance or rejection of artificial lures used by fishermen. However, red color is the first color of the spectrum that disappears five feet under the water. If red hooks are baited and lies five feet under the water level then it increases the catch rate. We recommend using Tin-Red for Saltwater fishing.

Do we produce Treble Hooks?

Yes, we do produce from size 1 and upwards. Most Treble Hooks are made to order and can be customized to suit your requirements.

Can I request for custom made hooks?

We are constantly innovating & we seek your inputs so that we can design your hook for the fish you want to catch. Click on “Design Your Hook” to provide your inputs to make the hook of your choice.

Do you make custom flies?

Yes we do but we only use materials of non-endangered species, for example dyed hen, cock or chicken feathers for the most part . However, we do use feathers of other animals that are permitted under Indian laws.

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